Service Features

Secure, Smart &

Count on us to help keep your digital assets safe and sound!

Wallet Setup

Effortless wallet setup. Let Rivflow handle the setup of your Rivsafe Digital Vault, ensuring a secure and seamless start to managing your digital assets.

Financial Reporting

Sit back, relax, and let Rivflow handle the numbers! Our third-party financial reporting vendor takes the headache out of tax time by providing annual reports, giving you more time to enjoy the things you love!

Treasury Management

Gain comprehensive financial oversight with Rivflow's treasury management solution, empowering you to efficiently manage your digital assets and optimize your treasury operations.

Estate Planning

Don't lose your valuable assets. Learn more about how Rivflow can help safeguard your digital legacy and ensure seamless wealth transfer for generations to come.

Transaction Authorization

Elevate your transaction security with Rivflow's Transaction Authorization Service, where every transaction requires consensus from all key stakeholders. Sign up for Rivflow today and take control of your digital assets with unmatched precision and protection.

Financial Controls

Strengthen your digital asset management and gain comprehensive oversight and security. Get started with Rivflow now and secure the integrity of your transactions and assets through our advanced control mechanisms.

Key Agent

Gain peace of mind with Rivflow's Key Agent service included in your membership fee! Rest easy knowing that your digital assets are safeguarded while enjoying worry-free digital asset wallet management at no extra cost.

Stakeholder Notification

Ensure all key parties are up-to-date on crucial transaction activities with Rivflow's Stakeholder Notification Service. Join Rivflow now and enhance the transparency and collaboration within your digital asset management process.

Key Recovery

Secure your digital assets with Rivflow's Key Recovery Service, your safety net for lost or compromised keys. Discover peace of mind and uninterrupted access to your assets by becoming a Rivflow client today.