FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rivflow?

Rivflow is a professional services firm with expertise in the collaborative administration of digital assets.

What is a Rivsafe™?

A Rivsafe is a cooperative digital asset custody solution for family wealth, treasury management, and cross-border transfers exclusively offered by Rivflow Group Limited. Think of it as a modern version of a traditional asset protection trust for cryptocurrency and other digital assets. Rivflow provides digital asset management and custody services that further strengthen the security of your assets for family wealth, businesses, and managed funds. With Rivsafe, you can securely store your assets in a favorable jurisdiction and transfer them to your beneficiaries after you're gone or plan for your business's future liquidity and continuity. Safeguard your digital assets today with Rivsafe from Rivflow.

What makes a Rivsafe™ better than a traditional trust?

A traditional asset protection trust can help protect assets from lawsuits and other potential legal events.  Digital assets require more than that. A Rivsafe has features similar to a traditional asset protection trust and includes added benefits like a custom, multi-signature security protocol, and  favorable tax jurisdiction.   Cryptocurrency is secured by Rivflow's world-class, qualified  Custodian.

Why choose Rivflow?

Rivflow provides an advanced solution known as the Rivsafe that shields digital assets from potential threats. Rivsafe is a distinctive blend of the founders' varied backgrounds, including international tax law, marketing, business development, and digital asset custody engineering. It presents a revolutionary approach to protecting digital assets while providing valuable benefits such as fiscal governance, potential tax efficiency, and wealth transfer. If you're seeking an innovative method for safeguarding your digital assets, Rivsafe is an ideal choice.

How do I set up a Rivsafe?

At Rivflow, our primary focus is your security and protection. You'll need to provide basic identification data like your complete name, email, and photographic identification. A KYC/AML (know your customer/anti-money laundering) background check will be conducted. If you opt for a Custodial Rivsafe, enhanced screening by the Custodian is required, similar to opening a bank account. Once you are approved, we'll provide you with a Client Agreement. Our Rivflow specialists will then guide you in setting up your security protocols, customizing your dashboard, and managing your Rivsafe account to ensure maximum security for your digital currency assets.

How secure are my assets with the Rivsafe Custodian?

Our Custodian partners have been thoroughly vetted to protect your assets and keep them safe. The vetting process includes examining their credentials and financial stability and ensuring they adhere to strict security standards and protocols designed specifically for protecting your assets at all times. All Rivflow Custodian partners are qualified and insured.

Is a Rivsafe legal and safe?

At Rivflow, we take your safety seriously and make it a top priority to comply with all legal requirements. Our Rivsafe solution is a completely safe and legal way to protect your assets. It's similar to an offshore trust in that it involves a relationship with Rivflow, an international entity. Our Chief Counsel has extensive expertise in international tax affairs, which was crucial in developing the Rivsafe structure. We do want to emphasize that no matter where you establish a trust, you must comply with basic tax requirements in your country.

With Rivsafe, you can rest assured that your assets are secure and fully compliant with the law.

Why do I need a separate trust-like structure for my digital assets?

Estate planners are knowledgeable about planning for traditional assets like investment portfolios and real estate and know how to put tax strategies in place and make succession provisions. Digital assets, on the other hand, are unique assets that can be easily lost forever if not taken care of properly. A Rivsafe is similar to an asset protection trust but adds crypto-specific security to significantly minimize the risk of asset loss from generation to generation.

What makes a Rivsafe better than a traditional trust?

A traditional asset protection trust provides creditor protection, the potential to reduce estate taxes, and avoidance of the probate process. However, with digital assets, you need a different approach. A Rivsafe offers similar protection to a traditional trust with the added benefits of our custom, multisig security protocol and a favorable jurisdiction.

How does a Rivsafe work with an existing estate planning strategy?

When it comes to estate planning, a Rivsafe is just one of many tools that estate planning attorneys can utilize for intergenerational wealth transfer. By using a Rivsafe, you can protect and preserve your crypto and digital assets for future generations. If an attorney wishes to specifically mention a Rivsafe when listing a client's assets, we'll gladly provide examples of appropriate drafting language to ensure that everything is in order. With Rivsafe, you can be confident that your estate planning strategy is comprehensive and effective.

Why is Rivflow Group Limited based in Hong Kong?

Rivflow is based in Hong Kong for two primary reasons.  First, it is a territorial tax regime, meaning that it only levies income tax on income that is sourced outside of Hong Kong (unlike worldwide tax regimes, like the US for example, which levy taxes on the worldwide income of their citizens and residents).  Second,  Hong Kong is considered by many to be an asset protection jurisdiction, meaning that it is difficult for creditors to seize the assets of a Hong Kong company.

Why did Rivflow choose a custodian in Singapore?

Our Custodian is headquartered in Singapore for a couple of reasons. Firstly, even though Rivflow Group Limited is based in Hong Kong, keeping custody of assets in a different jurisdiction from your home jurisdiction is generally advisable. Secondly, Singapore is widely regarded by asset protection experts as a jurisdiction that strictly enforces its own laws and regulations. This makes it a secure and reliable place to store almost any type of asset. By choosing Singapore as the location for our Custodian, we are able to provide our clients with a safe and trustworthy asset storage solution.