FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rivflow?

Rivflow Group Limited is a Hong Kong corporation that provides digital asset protection for business treasuries, managed funds, and family wealth.

What is a Rivsafe™?

A Rivsafe for digital assets is an anonymous, unregistered contractual agreement similar to a typical asset protection trust. The Rivsafe is a product offered by Rivflow Group Limited.

What makes a Rivsafe™ better than a traditional trust?

A traditional asset protection trust can help protect  assets from lawsuits and other potential legal events.  Digital assets require more than that. A  Rivsafe is similar to a traditional asset protection trust and includes added  benefits like a custom, multisignature security protocol as well as a  favorable tax jurisdiction.   Cryptocurrency is secured by Rivflow's world-class, qualified  custodian.

Why choose Rivflow?

Rivflow created the Rivsafe to help individuals and businesses navigate the ever-changing landscape of protecting cryptocurrencies for tax efficiency and wealth transfer.  The founders have diverse backgrounds ranging from international tax law to marketing and business development to digital asset custody engineering.  This dynamic team believes they have created a unique product that will help protect their clients in a way that no one else offers.

What are the fees for a Rivsafe

The initial Rivsafe fee structure includes setup fees, AUM (assets under management) and custody fees. AUM and custody fees are calculated annually and charged monthly. In subsequent years, a subscription fee will be added to the AUM and custody fees.

How do I set up a Rivsafe?

Upon request to open a Rivsafe, you will be directed to our KYC/AML partner for an ID screen to identify any potential issues before any assets are deposited. You will be asked to provide identification such as a driver's license, passport, or government ID card. Next, you'll meet with a Rivflow team member and outline security and succession goals and concerns for your account, similar to what you would do with a traditional trust. The final step is the custodian account setup, which completes the Rivsafe creation process.

How secure are my assets with the Rivsafe Custodian?

All of our custodian partners have been thoroughly vetted to protect your assets and keep them safe. The vetting process includes examining their credentials and financial stability, as well as making sure they adhere to strict security standards and protocols designed specifically for protecting your assets at all times. All Rivflow custodian partners are qualified and insured.

Is a Rivsafe legal and safe?

You have the right to set up your business or family in whatever location you want and offshore trusts are completely legal. Rivflow's Chief Counsel has expertise and decades of experience as it pertains to international tax affairs, which was essential when creating the Rivsafe structure. It must be noted that regardless of where you establish a trust, there are still basic tax requirements for your country.  

Why do I need a separate trust-like structure for my digital assets?

Estate planners are knowledgeable about planning for traditional assets like investment portfolios and real estate and know how to put in place tax strategies and make provisions for succession. Digital assets, on the other hand, are unique assets that can be easily lost forever if not taken care of properly. A Rivsafe is similar to an asset protection trust but it adds crypto-specific security so that digital assets will never be lost from one generation to the next. Additionally, Rivflow intimately understands the new cryptocurrency taxes laws and can provide guidance towards lawful tax efficiency.

What makes a Rivsafe better than a traditional trust?

A traditional asset protection trust provides creditor protection, the potential to reduce estate taxes and avoidance of the probate process. However, with digital assets you need a different approach. A Rivsafe offers the same protection as a traditional trust with the added benefits of our custom, multisig security protocol and a favorable jurisdiction.

How does a Rivsafe work with an existing estate planning strategy?

From the perspective of an Estate Planning Attorney, a Rivsafe is merely one of the tools in their toolbox that provides for the intergenerational transfer of wealth.  If an Estate Planning Attorney wishes to specifically mention the Rivsafe when listing a client's assets, we will be more than happy to provide esamples of appropriate drafting language.

Why is Rivflow Group Limited based in Hong Kong?

Rivflow is based on Hong Kong for two primary reasons.  First, it is a territorial tax regime, meaning that it only levies income tax on income that is sourced outside of Hong Kong (unlike worldwide tax regimes, like the US for example, which levy taxes on the worldwide income of their citizens and residents).  Second,  Hong Kong is considered by many to be an asset protection jurisdiction, meaning that it is difficult for creditors to seize the assets of a Hong Kong company.

Why did Rivflow choose a custodian in Singapore?

Though Rivflow is based in Hong Kong, it is oftentimes a good idea to not store/custody assets in the same jurisdiction as your home jurisdiction.  Also, Singapore is perceived by most asset protection specialists as a jurisdiction that rigorously follows it own laws and regulations. Put another way, Singapore is a safe and steady place to store just about any kind of asset.

Will a Rivsafe help my family avoid paying the Federal Estate Tax on my crypto when I die?

Yes.  Because of how the US probate system works, a US probate court will not be able to include the assets in a person's Rivsafe when they die.

Does a Rivsafe offer the same privacy as a traditional trust?

Yes.  Your Rivsafe will not be registered with any governmental entity, nor will it be included in a person's estate at death.

How is a Rivsafe different from an offshore bank account?

Foreign bank accounts like US/domestic bank accounts have an account holder.  A Rivsafe, in contrast, is a multisignature wallet …

How do I transfer assets from my Coinbase account?

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